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SR 30 (US 98) 
Tyndall Air Force Base Elevated Roadway/Water Main


Gortemoller Engineering, Inc. (GE) provided professional engineering services for the design and construction of a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) at the Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB) main gate, located at the intersection of SR 30 (US 98) and Airey Avenue/Tyndall Drive. In addition, the project will retain the two existing Tyndall AFB Entry Control Facilities at Tyndall Drive and Airey Avenue and includes the construction of an overpass on SR 30 (US 98) at Louisiana Avenue. This SPUI and secondary overpass will provide a direct link for the Tyndall Air Force Base's Land Side and Flight Side.


The project included stormwater treatment and attenuation design to meet FAA Circular Bird Airstrike Hazard (BASH) and Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) requirements with limited right-of-way for stormwater conveyance and treatment as well as the existence of relatively flat topography creating conveyance difficulties for the project. 

GE also provided professional engineering services for the 4,950 ft segment of 20" Ductile Iron Water Main for Bay County Utilities along SR 30 (US 98) in the vicinity of Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB). The 20" Water Main was rerouted onto Tyndall AFB right-of-way, through an agreement with the base, in order to avoid potential conflicts with the adjacent roadway construction of new Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) at the Airey and Louisiana Gates of Tyndall AFB. The water main, owned by Bay County Utilities, provides water to Tyndall AFB as well as the entirety of Mexico Beach.


This project included the relocation of two meters, which connect Bay County's Water Main to service lines owned by Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative (GCEC), providing water to Tyndall AFB as well as extensive utility coordination with GCEC, Tyndall AFB, Mediacomm, Uniti, and TECO Peoples Gas.     


Water Main Relocation

Force Main Relocation 

Utility Coordination 

Stormwater Design


Bay County / FDOT 


Bay County, Florida

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